Domestic Avengers; in which Natasha loses a bet to Steve and is forced to dress up patriotically.

Avengers Origins (clips taken from The Nanny Diaries)

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Word Crimes by Weird Al

parody of Blurred Lines. improved on the original in a hundred ways. :)

It is not surprising, then, that for all the good that remains in the world and that we continue to create, there is much in the late modern world that generates meaninglessness, ugliness, estrangement, heartlessness, and outright cruelty. Ironically, this also explains the fierce reaction of fundamentalisms both at home and abroad, for fundamentalism is not so much a resurgence of traditional14 religion but, rather, a reaction to the very discontents the contemporary world generates. Yet fundamentalism is also nihilistic because its identity is established, in the most primordial way, negatively—in reaction to the cultural deprivations of the late modern world. The proof of its nihilism is its failure to offer any creative achievements or constructive proposals for the everyday problems that trouble most people. Is it any wonder that fundamentalisms tend to contribute to estrangement and cruelty?

Hunter, James Davison. To Change the World : The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World (p. 264)

The Fault in Our Schools

Please don’t view if you’re uncomfortable with explicit language.

Still, this is a very thoughtful and accurate presentation of wisdom and caution. One thing to note, even among nominal “Christian” circles, women need to keep their guard up. 

when cousins become pastors

when cousins become pastors

The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free.

Maya Angelou

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